Sotherton reveals she ‘will win Gold’

British heptathlete Kelly Sotherton has an unswerving belief in herself and her ability to win gold in Beijing, so much so that she was prepared to prove it under the most testing conditions – a polygraph test – in a new viral advert that is part of Nike’s Just Do It campaign.


The new campaign is based on the insight that Kelly is an athlete with ultimate self-belief. To test this she is interviewed on camera by Dr Hilary Witchel, a leading Psycho-Physiologist from Bristol University, while wired to a polygraph machine. The aim is to test whether Kelly’s stated beliefs about her ability and prospects iof success in Beijing match her physiological responses. Dr Witchel runs Kelly through a series of leading and testing questions to detect how in sync her body and mind actually are. The questions surround her performance in Beijing and include ‘out of the seven events is javelin your weakest?’ and ‘do you ever hope one of your opponents chokes?’




2 responses to “Sotherton reveals she ‘will win Gold’

  1. Dear Sirs:
    With regard to the story you published on 14 August 2008 concerning British Olympic heptathlete Kelly Sotherton undergoing a lie detector test: I am the scientist who performed that test, and two errors were made in the reporting of that story.
    1) My name is Dr. Harry Witchel (the listed Christian name is ‘Hilary’ [sic])
    2) My institution is “Brighton and Sussex Medical School”. It is listed in the article as Bristol, but I have not worked in Bristol for a year.
    You can hear me say my name clearly on the film on this page.

    Many thanks,
    Dr. Harry Witchel
    Brighton and Sussex Medical School

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